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     About Syntention

  • Syntention as you see it here is a functional demo -- a minimally viable version. You can use it.
  • Everything here is live, and all data will be migrated to the full version.
  • This demo and the full version of Syntention.com is supported by Custom Designs, iDesignit and Registered Hosting.
  • Current Status: Integrating feedback.
  • For people, groups, companies, and organizations motivated to improve their world,
    who are passionate
    about a local problem or world-wide issue,
    Syntention is the permanent global and local platform
    for humanity's goals, big and small, short-term and far-reaching.
  • What sets us apart? Syntention is neutral and local/global,
    and hosts Missions from proposal, to planning, to completion.
  • In Syntention, everyone's voice is meaningful,
    from established politicians right up to you and your friends.
  • Syntention Missions are well-defined and precise, so we all know the goals.
  • Syntention also includes The General Syntention,
    where people everywhere will decide what Humanity will aim to do as a group, beyond simple survival.

  • Contact: Founder, Syntention.
    403-803-4343 From Canada & USA, dial 1-403-803-4343 | Elsewhere: Canada Country Code= +1
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